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Home renovations

Whether you hire professionals or do the DIY thing, home renovations can be messy. Some contractors will remove their junk as they work and some won't. And if you're doing a project yourself, getting rid of debris, garbage, and junk is always a priority.
We're happy to clean up any home renovation project you've got, and we'll do it at rates that save you money. Does your contractor want to charge too much for junk removal after the job is done? Already done your DIY job and can't afford the big time commitment to get rid of the mess? We can help. Call or book online, and get the satisfaction that comes from completing the last step in your home renovation.
Garage sale

Holding a sale for the neighbourhood is a great way to get rid of junk, except there's always something that refuses to sell. If you've sold off as much stuff as you possibly can, we'll happily take care of the rest.
Couldn't find that second-hand buyer you were looking for, but don't like the idea of just throwing your stuff away? We make sure all of your unsold stuff gets properly donated or recycled, whenever possible. You can rest easy, knowing we do everything in our power to keep landfill use to a minimum.
Selling your home

It never fails: when the time comes to move, the amount of junk we find in our houses is absolutely incredible. And there's nothing more demoralizing than moving to a new place, only to unpack the same junk you had hoped to get rid of previously.
So before you move, give us a call. We'll save you money, and make your moving experience better. We make sure all your junk is gone beforehand, so you're only paying the movers to transport the good stuff.
Once you've sorted all the junk that's not following you to the new home, we'll eliminate the headaches that come with its disposal, saving you crucial peace of mind at a stressful time.