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Super Friendly Service
Brad J, Whitby

We just recently finished an extension to our house. As you can imagine the amount of rubbish, left over bricks, wood and dirt just kept piling up. One simple phone call to 1-888-Junk-Quick and it was sorted. It was great to be able to see our front yard again. We use them all the time now, as you know once you start renovating the list never seems to end.
Trust Worthy
Tracey Simsons, Toronto

When managing property it's always best to keep everything clean and nice. I use 1-888-Junk-Quick for all our property clean outs. I know they get job done quick and they are trust worthy, as I know they take extra care when removing unwanted furniture or junk from the properties.
On Time & Reliable
Jane Ellistara, Kitchener

When we did our home renovations the mess just kept piling up - at one stage we couldn't see our front garden. All it took was one phone call & the guys were here. They cleaned up everything, was amazing. We use them all the time now :)
Cheap & Professional
Jim Corny, Toronto

I use 1-888-Junk-Quick for all our contracting work. They are always on time and I know I can call them anytime if I need junk removed. We recommend them to all our sub-contractors.
Friendly & Easy To Deal With
Mark Constanous, Waterloo

When selling properties you always have junk left over from previous occupiers. Ensuring that this is removed in order to sell a property is important. That's why we use 1-888-Junk-Quick, as they are fast and easy to deal with.

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